It’s Time for Summer Deep Cleaning

As Summer is taking up the pace in Dubai, it is the right time to declutter your house from the things that are no longer in use. Lightening up your house and arranging a deep clean not only improves the general outlook of the house but also impacts the performance of the air conditioner. It helps you get rid of the things that are no longer in use such as winter clothes, heavy blankets, rugs, etc. In this blog, we will share how to deep clean your house.

Step 01: Plan Ahead

First of all, you need to plan what areas need the deep cleaning. Are you planning to do all of house or just few areas? Moreover, how much time you could spare for the deep cleaning? Remember, it is a thorough process and requires a lot of time to go through every nook and corner in the house. If time is limited, don’t set overly ambitious goals that may tire you out without delivering much success. You also need to consider the availability of cleaning supplies you will be needing. You can also order the cleaning supplies online at Save More as we are one of the best Dubai Shopping Sites.

Step 02: Start the rooms one by one:

Instead of going all out, start the cleaning by going through each room. It will help you stay focused without tiring much. Pick the areas that require more attention and are more in use such as your living room or guest room. You can either pick the most problematic areas such as kitchen, washroom, pantry, and store room in the start or at the end. The other rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms are relatively easier and requires less input. It is up to you whether you want to go easy to hard or hard to easy rooms.

Step 03: Declutter & Clean

Once you have selected the room, make the list of the things you need to get rid of. Whether you are throwing it away, giving to the charity, or moving to the storage, get it done. Once you have eliminated such items, empty up the drawers, cupboards, wall-mounts, etc. to clean everything well and put it back in place. Make sure to freshen up the linen once you are done. You can also seek the help of professionals to clean sofas, mattresses etc.

Step 04: Finish it with New Look

Once it is cleaned, you can use some decorative items to add to the refreshing look. You can easily find lamps, wall stickers, wall clocks available at discounted prices on Top Ecommerce Companies in Dubai like Save More. Shop now and get a new look for your lovely abode.

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