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Dubai has an arid hot climate being a tropical desert. The summer season in particular enjoys its peak at noon time. It is the time of the day when most people prefer to stay indoors as much as possible. While most residential and commercial complexes are centrally air-conditioned, the outdoor areas remain extremely hot. In such a case, it becomes important to take extra care while stepping out. Here are some summer essentials to buy this season:


Don’t ever think of stepping outside of your home without applying sunscreen first. Wearing sunscreen is equally important in winter but during summer it becomes even more important to avoid sunburns on the skin. The strong UV rays in summer are potent enough to cause permanent damage to the skin by leaving dark spots, sunburns, and more.  Regardless of your age and gender, apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your, hands, and every part of the body which is exposed. There are multiple types of sunscreens available in the market and Save More is suitable for different skin types. Ladies can also get a tinted sunscreen which works efficiently as a foundation. Make sure to reapply the sunblock after every 4 hours or whenever you have to step out during the day.

Sun Glasses

The area around the eyes is very sensitive and must be protected against sunlight. If you are going out frequently, then cover your eyes with sunglasses. They are not just good for health but also look very cool. You can opt for various colors such as pitch black if you want a strong cover, brown, light blue, hazel, green, grey, or any other shade. For people with optical impairment, it is advised to get optical sunglasses for better use.

Over-sized Hats

Wearing oversized hats is another cool way to protect yourself from the heat. A hat with a wider brim gives plenty of shadow over the face and neck to prevent the sun rays from reaching there directly. It can also be used by men, women, and children of any age. You can also go for baseball caps if you want a more sporty look.

Water Bottles

Though water bottles don’t offer protection from heat, they are a must to stay hydrated. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam in scorching heat without water. Even if you are going out in the evening for a stroll, keep a water bottle with you. You can easily refill the bottle from any nearby refill station. Moreover, if feel dehydrated, you can instantly juicy flavors to the water to make a quick mix.

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