Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Do you have very dear friends who have just moved to your city? Or someone from your family who has just purchased a house in Dubai’s serene areas? Well, it’s about time that you make your presence felt with a gift that is not just adorable but also very useful. Moving is a stressful process whether you are shifting to a house you have just purchased or relocating to a new rental. After tiring weeks of planning, packing, moving, and then unpacking, it takes away a lot of energy. And it’s not just limited to the stress of relocating, it is also relevant to the financial burden that relocation brings. You have to pay for the moving and packing services, cleaning services, cluttering, storage, and whatnot. In such a scenario, if you find your loved ones being there for help and support can be a huge help. If you have a dear one who moved recently to a new house, then it is your time to step up and be as good a support as you are. So, now the big question is what you need to bring into your friend’s home. Here are some things to consider before buying the gift.

a. Budget: How much do you afford to spend? Do you want to go big and gift something that will have a huge impact such as a microwave, kitchen & dining products UAE, a toaster, or a pair of chairs? Define your budget to know what sort of thing you wish to buy.

b.Utility: The gift you are planning to give is useful for the recipient or not? For instance, you are considering gifting a set of Bakhoor lighter with a box and aromas but if your friend is allergic or sensitive to scents then it is not going to be of any use.

What does your friend need? Maybe your friend would rather prefer gift coupons, for a spa day after all the tiring relocation than get a random perfumed candle.

After these considerations, it becomes easier to get a housewarming gift for your friend. Here are our top picks for Housewarming gifts available at Save More.

Home Décor:

Check out lamps, wall clocks, wall stickers, Calligraphy Wall Art, Prayer mats, Electric Bakhoor Burners, string lights, and more.


For useful gifts, you can consider pieces of furniture such as an ironing board, a child’s desk, a laptop table, a folding stool, etc.

Home Security

You can also gift elevated home security items such as baby monitors, security cameras that allow remote access, etc.

Daily wear

If you are still confused, then the safe bet is to buy best Gift for women in Dubai and these can be some clothes such as tops or handbags to cheer up your friend.

Ready to buy? Shop at Save More.

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