Best Shopping Platform for Foreigners in Dubai

Starting off a new life in an unfamiliar city is quite challenging. It takes a lot of time to find a suitable living place, make new friends, find easier paths, and good shops. Dubai hosts millions for visitors every year with a significant increase of 19%. The city is home to over 90% of its citizen being foreigners. It is a highly modern and tech-savvy place which makes it quite easy to adapt to. However, people sometime find it hard to get completely familiar with the exact locations and places due to language barrier. Arabic is the national language in UAE which is used everywhere in ads, signage, apps, and so on. It takes some time for foreigner to learn and understand the basics to gel-in with the life in Dubai. In this regard, Top Ecommerce Companies in Dubai is no less than a bliss such as Save More. Let us share why Save More is one of huge support for foreigners in Dubai.

No Language Barrier

At Save More, there are two language options to select from to use the website. It includes the Arabic language for locals and English language for foreigners. It is one of the most crucial element of our platform to ensure we cater to the needs of a diverse clientele. Log on to, choose your language on the top right and navigate the website with ease.

Easy Payment Process

Whether you want to pay cash on delivery, pay in installments, or use your credit/debit card, the choice is yours. As we are one of the best UAE Shopping Sites, we are flexible enough to let you enjoy the best of shopping and pay according to your ease. The installments can be paid up to 4 months allowing you enough time to buy more at once and pay at your choice. If you believe in cashless life, just use your credit cards and make the payment right away.

Huge Collection in Dresses

The dress collection at Save More is fit for the needs of foreigners. From ethnic to westerns, our racks have no dearth of appropriate dress for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a formal dress for your cocktail party or a floral skirt for a beach day, you can find it all at Save More. And the exciting part is that you will get it all at a very reasonable price.

Shop from Home

If you are not that familiar with the routes to shopping malls, then Save More is your best bet. Why go out when you can shop from home? Just turn on your mobile phone or laptop, open our Web Site and shop what you need.

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