Best Kitchenware to Get in Summer

Summer calls for adding up to your Kitchenware to make the season bearable. We understand your frustration with quenching heat and this is particularly why we have added very useful items to our Kitchenware at Save More – one of the popular Dubai Shopping Sites. Check below to get summer kitchen essentials in Summer.

Water Bottles

In the scorching heat in Dubai, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated. A hydrated body helps you stay active and efficient. It is also helpful in achieving a glowy look on the face. For proper hydration, medical specialists advise adults to drink 8 glasses of water in a day (unless they have a medical condition). In such a case, a water bottle helps you have water in your access while on the go. Visit Save More to get a pretty water bottle to keep with you wherever you go.

Mason Jars

Though the temperature rise is very draining, Summer becomes fun with ice creams, smoothies, shakes, juices, and much more. Using Mason Jars for shakes and smoothies has become a major trend over the last few years. They look super cute and spacious enough to hold all the ingredients together. Just get a jar you love from Save More and don’t forget to tag us in your next Instagram post about your cool jar!

Fruit Slicers/Vegetable Cutter

Salads make summer healthy and refreshing. With the availability of lots of fruits and fresh vegetables, the season gives you a perfect chance to eat fresh and healthy. It is just the thought of peeling and cutting that slows us down to make salad. But you know what! Getting a fruit/vegetable slicer is a great help to make a bowl of salad in just a few minutes. Just peel the fruits or vegetables you picked, throw it in the slicer, get them diced, add in your favorite sauce or spices and your restaurant-quality salad is ready!

Portable Blender

Portable Blender is just pure bliss for lovers of quick milkshakes, coffees, smoothies, Lassi, and more. Unlike a traditional blender, it is far easier to use without making much mess. The portable blenders work on batteries and also come with a charging option so you can keep them in your car or office wherever you want and whenever you want to have a quick blend of flavors on a hot day. Shop at Save More to get it delivered to your home!

Pop Molds

Well, who doesn’t love popsicles? Rich in flavor and served iced cold, popsicles are loved by kids and adults alike. It is a perfect treat to have in a sunny afternoon sweeping away all the tiredness caused by the heat. The best part is they can be made easily at home if you have pop molds available. Just shop a set from Save More and enjoy a cold treat on a hot day!

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