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Baby Educational Electric Runaway Led And Music Crab Toy

Original price was: AED55.00.Current price is: AED30.00.

Creative Puzzle Fun Game for kids

Original price was: AED50.00.Current price is: AED25.00.

English Learner Laptop for Kids 20 Activities for Learn and Play

Original price was: AED68.00.Current price is: AED45.00.

Gear Display Transparent Toy with Numbers Inside

Original price was: AED30.00.Current price is: AED19.00.

LCD Writing Pad Pen with Eraser Button for Kids 8.5in Mix

Original price was: AED45.00.Current price is: AED25.00.

Learning Musical Table

Original price was: AED120.00.Current price is: AED65.00.

Little Learners – Mist Spray Kitchen Set W/ Light 44Pcs

Original price was: AED90.00.Current price is: AED65.00.

Multifunctional Building blocK Car Table & Chair

Original price was: AED168.00.Current price is: AED99.00.

Projector Painting Toy for Kids

Original price was: AED55.00.Current price is: AED30.00.

Educational Toys Dubai

Shop Educational Toys in Dubai at Save-more

Do you find it difficult to make your child learn new things? Don't worry; you're not alone in this! We understand the challenges that come with raising a child and are here to help.

At Save-more, we offer a wide variety of educational toys in Dubai to inspire kids to learn through games. As they learn while playing, the chances of them grasping everything you put them through is much higher!

Help them learn with fun

Kids like freedom; that's their default setting. Discipline is the last thing that they want, so you know it's not going to work. The only way out is to make learning so much fun that they cannot resist it. Our educational toys can help you get there.

Improve cognition and creativity

Imagination is one of the most obvious traits in kids. They're highly expressive and love to create. Our toys offer them an outlet to allow their creativity to flow like a river. In addition, they are great tools to engage young minds in a fun way, boosting cognitive development by challenging their memory.

Teach them social skills

What you teach them today will reflect in their values and lifestyle tomorrow. So, it is very important to choose everything carefully. Our toys expose kids to collaborative play, conflict resolution, problem solving, and other social skills through games. They get to learn the art of interaction, sharing, and negotiation.

Explore our collection!

Our educational toys in Dubai are the perfect tools for kids to learn essential things while playing. We're here to make life easy for you by bringing them online. No longer visiting a store only to be left disappointed. Here, you get to choose from a huge selection available at your fingertips. So, go ahead; shop now!