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Best Backpacks Dubai, UAE

Looking for the perfect backpack for yourself or your kid? Save-more is your go-to destination to buy backpacks for women, men & kids in UAE. Be it for your kid's first day at school or your next trip, you'll find one that matches your needs.

Durability meets affordability

Our backpacks are made using superior quality material that ensures high durability and performance for years to come. It means you have to invest in a quality bag once and then relax for the next few years without having to look for a new one. The best part is, they're amazingly affordable!

No compromise on aesthetics

We understand you love to look good, and we have no intentions to stop you from doing that. The same resembles in all the products that we put up on our online store, including the backpacks. They exude style in the very first glance, so you don't have to stress over compromising on your looks.

Usability at its best

You need functional backpacks to function at your best throughout the day! Here, you can find the best backpacks in Dubai without breaking the bank. Dive into a diverse range of smart backpacks suited to different use cases.

Shop now!

What do you look for in your next backpack? Quality. Budget friendliness. Durability. Style. With us, you get it all! So, don't think much. Go ahead and make a purchase before your favorite one goes out of stock!